in depth getting APM going properly

Jerry Hoover jbhoo at
Sat Aug 24 21:26:41 PDT 2002

Alan Womack wrote:
> Attached are the kern.log from several boots, dmesg, and my kernel config.
> I am trying to get poweroff and/or restart to function.  Both hang after the system is shutdown by LFS and it displays powering off or restarting system.
> I DO HAVE screen blanking working when I specificy some setterm parameters.  I didn't see a permanent place to park those parms, do you have scripts that are used to set those parms or did I miss something in the documentation?
> The board is an Amptron 9100C
> ATX Powersupply
> I have to hold the power button 4 seconds to turn off the power
> I have enabled APM in the bios, but have all individual controls in the bios disables e.g. turn off monitor, turn off hard drives.
> If you've can't find anything, it would probably be best to start
> posting some real in-depth stuff. Like your kernel config, the output of
> dmesg, maybe even the kern.log (please bzip them first, though) and
> anything and everything about your system specs, which LFS book you
> used, where your problems are (eg. console, X, etc...). Maybe someone
> will spot an error or come up with an idea. <

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