Res problems in XFree86

Declan Moriarty tech.genius at
Sat Aug 24 08:28:01 PDT 2002

Was it DJ Lucas who wrote on Saturday 17 August 2002 02:33:
> Hello, got a little strange problem with XFree86,  It is now doing DRI
> init correctly, however, it likes to randomly select the resolution.
> Although no Modes are set to use 640 x 480, it sometimes does go this
> low...and yes the pointer is frickin huge on my 19"   Does
> the portion of my XF86Config below look correct? Am I missing anything
> obvious?  This was the case before DRI as that time It ws doing
> virtual screen size when it chose randomly.  :-$

The only thing that occurs to me is that you may have poor or marginal 
modelines, or a strange dot clock. In either case, the machine might want a 
dotclock of 60.5Mhz, but only get 60, or 61; If it sets 60, it works, but if 
ti sets 61 it throws out the mode. Just a thought. Most things will default 
to the dos default of 640x480 @ 60 Hz, so X may be using that. It tries to be 
clever now, so it's really dangerous.

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> _______________________________________________________
> Section "Screen"
>     DefaultDepth  24
>     Identifier    "Screen0"
>     Device        "RadeonQY"
>     Monitor       "Monitor0"
> -------
>      SubSection "Display"
>         Depth     16
>         Modes     "1024 x 768" "800 x 600"
>      EndSubSection
>      SubSection "Display"
>         Depth     24
>         Modes     "1024 x 768"
>      EndSubSection
> EndSection
> _______________________________________________________
> Thanks
> DJ


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