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Mon Aug 26 12:07:53 PDT 2002

Bill Maltby LFS Related (lfsbill at wrote:


> > > I can't ncftp anywhere because connection refused.  
> Hmmm. No thant I think about it, this may indicate a different problem.
> If the ifconfig-lo doesn't fix you up, more detail about your set up might
> help. Gateway? PPP? And other such stuff.


I havn't set up a gateway.  This is supposed to become my gateway to the
net (then I don't need one right(?!?)?)  I've got /etc/sysconfig/network

GATEWAY_IF=  #/dev/ttys1

should I delete the last two lines?

/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 as:



When connecting to the net ppp seems alright.
/var/daemon.log tells me named is listning and when dialing in that pppd
/var/dns_logs reports queries from my own IP.  I have installed bind

Some other network problems that may or may not be related.  wvdial only
connets when run as root.  otherwise ttyS1 is repotedly busy.  I cannot
get named to shutdown properly in the rc scripts(also connection
refused), manually I can.  I'm trying to tackle this one problem at a
time, but it may be related.

thanks for your help so far Bill, I try not to be silly but sometimes it
just happens.


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