GPM support in NCurses

Tyler Berry loki at
Mon Aug 26 21:00:43 PDT 2002

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Gaelan D'costa wrote:

> Hello, just finished another LFS, hopefully the last one I'll have to do
> in a while now that I can backup things onto CD-R before the inevitable
> fubar.
> I'm just about to install GPM, and was thinking back to the Ncurses
> option to support it with --with-gpm. What exactly would that enable,
> since it seems unimportant enough to leave off the BLFS section and GPM-hint.

I'm not sure what it enables, but I added GPM in before I compiled ncurses 
the first time. I also compiled libiconv, readline, expat, and pcre early 
in the LFS build for the same reason. Once upon a time, when zlib wasn't 
officially a part of LFS, it was also in that list.


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