APM progress, reboots but doesn't shut off

Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Tue Aug 27 16:49:56 PDT 2002


> I have partially "fixed" the problem with APM by changing my 2.4.18 kernel to not use APM and to use ACPI. I am now able to reboot the machine with shutdown -r now. It did reboot just fine.

I've got that same poweroff problem as you. I've been using ACPI all the
time and it seems to have been 'improved' (=broken) not very long ago,
because I surely remember it working. If I had time, I'd test the older

I have my kernel compiled with ACPI enabled and APM as a module. Now
that this thread got so extensive, I've decided to play around on my
machine. ACPI loads by default, but I bypassed it by kernel parameter
acpi=off, then modprobe'd apm.o. The results were the same as with ACPI:
rebooting works properly, poweroff doesn't. The disks spin down but
power isn't cut. I'm using preemptive kernel patch, it actually gives me
a message about preempt count or something just after spinning down the
disks, but it's probably not that. I had kernels without the preemptive
patch running which had the same problem.

If Windows didn't shutdown properly, I'd suspect a hardware problem. I
actually have an ATX computer which seems to turn on randomly from time
to time :-) No, it's not Wake-on-LAN and not a BIOS wake-up timer. I
have to use the 'master' switch on the back of the case, otherwise I
find it up and running in a few hours... I guess he's a thinker, doesn't
waste time staying off :-)

> I need to get the poweroff to shutdown as well so when I get my APC UPS connected and power has been lost the machine will turn itself off. I supposed I could just have it powerdown and wait there for the UPS to turn it off, but how does one get it to come back up when the power is restored? Have to check the bios for that one.

That is definitely a job of BIOS. There is an option, but I don't
remember how exactly it is called. I'm not sure if all machines have it.

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