man formatting problem (CVS-20020826)

Daniel Balsiger dbalsige at
Tue Aug 27 20:25:13 PDT 2002

hi there !

I compiled LFS-CVS-20020826 today.
I added X11 and all works fine.
even loadkeys doesn't get miscompiled.
Now I have a problem with the output format of my man pages.
BTW, to be honest I installed readline-4.3 right after ncurses.
Could this be related to my man problem?
Or could it be related with the new groff package? (1.18)
Or does anybody know what's going on with my man-pages?

thanx in advance


Here an example of 'man syslogd':
SYSKLOGD(8)               Linux System Administration              SYSKLOGD(8)

       sysklogd - Linux system logging utilities.

       ESC[1msyslogd  ESC[22m[ ESC[1m-a ESC[4mESC[22msocketESC[24m ] [
ESC[1m-d ESC[22m] [ ESC[1m-f ESC[4mESC[22mconfigESC[24m
ESC[4mfileESC[24m ] [ ESC[1m-h ESC[22m] [ ESC[1m-l
ESC[4mESC[22mhostlistESC[24m ]
       [ ESC[1m-m ESC[4mESC[22mintervalESC[24m ] [ ESC[1m-n ESC[22m] [
ESC[1m-p ESC[4mESC[22msocketESC[24m ] [ ESC[1m-r ESC[22m] [ ESC[1m-s
ESC[4mESC[22mdomainlistESC[24m ] [ ESC[1m-v ESC[22m]

       ESC[1mSysklogd ESC[22mprovides two system utilities which provide
support for system
       logging and kernel message trapping.  Support of both internet
and unix
       domain sockets enables this utility package to support both
local  and
       remote logging.

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