APM progress, reboots but doesn't shut off

Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Wed Aug 28 01:04:10 PDT 2002


replying to my own letter...

Did a couple more tests, which more obfuscated the issue for me than
helped :-(

While looking around, I remembered my LFS root installation (kernel
2.4.18). I booted it, and halt works there! So I decided to do a few
experiments - switch the root filesystems for kernels. The results:

  new kernel + current FS = failure
  old kernel + old FS = _success_
  new kernel + old FS = failure
  old kernel + new FS = failure too :-(

I suspect the culprit here is either the preemptive patch (applied to my
new kernel) (it writes a message about preempt_count being 1 just after
the 'System halted.' line) or simpleinit-msb's shutdown program (I'm
using simpleinit).

Tried googling, found nothing useful... I'd be grateful for any ideas.
I'll try to compile a new vanilla 2.4.19 kernel without the preempt
patch and see if it will poweroff.

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