xterm/konsole: what if not .bash_profile?

Alan Lord lord_alan at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 28 01:10:21 PDT 2002

I found that this is all to do with the way that KDE itself starts. You
probably wont be able to use Karchiver because it doesn't have your path

If I recall, I added -login (or -ls) to the #!/bin/bash line at the very top
of the startkde script. This way, KDE runs as a login and gets all of your
settings from ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc (I can never remember which one
is which).

Hope this helps a bit.


PS - KDE provides a very nice term called Konsole. This is a much improved
(IMHO) version of xterm.

"Sven Hartenstein" <mail at svenhartenstein.de> wrote in message
news:20020827173425.GC1343 at schlepptop.rz.uni-jena.de...
> Hi,
> so far I used vim, mutt,... from the console (non-X) where the colors
> and LC_CTYPE things go perfectly.
> But when I use xterm (is it xterm that KDE offers?), the settings in
> .bash_profile seem to have no effect. I created a .bashrc with

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