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On Montag, 26. August 2002 17:17, Dieter Schmitz wrote:
> I'm using LFS-3.3 and having some trouble with cyrus-imap. I'm using
> version 2.0.16 and get this error
Cyurs is hard to compile. I can tell you.

> cyrusdb_db3.c
> cyrusdb_db3.c: In function `init':
> cyrusdb_db3.c:151: warning: passing arg 3 of pointer to function makes
> integer from pointer without a castcyrusdb_db3.c:151: too many arguments
> to function
> Anybody knows a solution?
cyrus-imap 2.0.16 won't compile with Berkeley DB 4.0.x. Try using 3.x. I 
successfully compiled cyrus with version 3.3.11.

I read about a patch for DB 4.x at 
but the site seems to be off-line.

Check if gcc is using the the right header files if you have different 
versions of Berkeley DB installed. 

Feel free to contact me by mail if you have further questions regarding a 
cyrus sasl, imap mail server setup.

> Best Regards
> Dieter
Bye, Christian

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