APM progress, reboots but doesn't shut off

Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Wed Aug 28 04:22:05 PDT 2002


> I suspect the culprit here is either the preemptive patch (applied to my
> new kernel) (it writes a message about preempt_count being 1 just after
> the 'System halted.' line) or simpleinit-msb's shutdown program (I'm
> using simpleinit).

Hmmm... Looks like I had forgotten something here... Let me think... Ah
yes! The operator (that's me)! Guess whose fault it is :-)

Gotta memorize that the prime suspect is ALWAYS the operator :)

The problem here was (me not thoroughly reading the manpages of)
simpleinit's shutdown. It defaults to a simple halt and if you want to
poweroff you have to set up /etc/shutdown.conf and state that you want
poweroff on halt there...

The results of my tests were probably incorrect because of some init
problems (trying to load nonexistant modules, etc.). It turned out that
all the kernels shutdown properly.

After such a conclusion I decided to finish things up and finally
installed acpid, so that my power-button would be handled properly
(darn, I could restart without a password but not shutdown...). I
experienced a kernel oops the first time I ran it. Not bad for software
doing as much here as as a bash one-liner... :-) Now it seems to be
working properly.

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