trying to get brooktree tv card to work under blfs

Steven Stimpson steven2 at
Fri Aug 30 05:16:32 PDT 2002

I have the kernel options all set as i use the same kernel on my redhat 
distro and it works thetre. the problems i get with BLFS it that first 
xawtv warns that my x-windows has no DGA support. this i don't understand 
because i also compiled the same xfree files for my redhat distro and file 
for file they should be the same. second the xawtv is looking for 
/dev/video0 and i dont have this device. anyone know how i can mknod this 
device and pass it the proper parameters? ill look at the device in redhat 
and post...let me says unper properties that current mode is 0600 
.i dont know if that has anything to do with the char major minor numbers 
you pass when you make the node.
can anyone help me here?

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