trying to get brooktree tv card to work under blfs

Richard A Downing FBCS richard.downing at
Thu Aug 29 09:34:56 PDT 2002

Steven Stimpson wrote:

> I have the kernel options all set as i use the same kernel on my redhat
> distro and it works thetre. the problems i get with BLFS it that first
> xawtv warns that my x-windows has no DGA support. this i don't understand
> because i also compiled the same xfree files for my redhat distro and file
> for file they should be the same. second the xawtv is looking for
> /dev/video0 and i dont have this device. anyone know how i can mknod this
> device and pass it the proper parameters? ill look at the device in redhat
> and post...let me says unper properties that current mode is 0600
> .i dont know if that has anything to do with the char major minor numbers
> you pass when you make the node.
> can anyone help me here?
> thanks
> steven

My /dev/video0 is Major=81, Minor=0.  I had to mknod it by hand when I 
installed xawtv for my webcam recently (no TV experence, sorry). I also put 
in a symlink for /dev/video to video0, just in case.
Have you run depmod -a since your last make modules?  depmod fixes things to 
ensure the right module stack is built by kmod modprobe etc..
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