Idea For Build Help

Dan Osterrath do3 at
Fri Aug 30 06:07:13 PDT 2002

> Does anyone know of a website that lists common build
> errors and solutions?  For example, if someone
> received the following error: "/usr/sbin/ld: cannot
> find -lfl" (compile aborts) the site would tell you:
> "It can't find libfl.a. You need to install the flex
> package."  If so, would you please e-mail me.  If such
> a site does not exist, would anyone be interested in
> making one?  I would be happy to host it if you do not
> have access to a web server.  Hopefully such a site
> would reduce the amount of e-mail on this mailing list
> since people could find solutions to the most common
> errors and only request help if the problem is rare.

Well when ld fails with something like cound not find -lname, then it
always looks for libname.*. But how to find out which package contains
this library? It would be a good idea to have a website where anyone can
upload it's install-log files. So a database could be generated that's
like the famous
ln -s /dev/null /dev/brain
ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/world
dd if=/dev/world of=/dev/brain

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