OpenOffice 1.0 Install Error - Pure Virtual Method Called ?

Mark Cooke mark at
Wed May 1 15:00:32 PDT 2002

On 1 May 2002, Richard Clark spoke unto us wif:

> ps.. AND YES :) I did search the mailing lists and saw that back on Jan
> 18, Andreas Fehr had the same problem, but after going through many of
> the search result messages, I could not find any constructive help to
> his problem, as the thread quickly went into an off topic bitchfest
> about how to use the mailing list, etc..
> > I tried tracing this down before with no luck, so I just
> > marked it up to

I know in RedHat there was a problem with java and openoffice and glibc,
as I've ditched my RH partition now, I cannot be 100% sure (but I'll try to find
out at work tomorrow)

Have you got java installed? as without that I have found it even slower
than normal to react :-)

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