compiling i586 root diskette on i686 machine

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Thu May 2 02:26:30 PDT 2002

Was it Valeriy Kirshin who wrote on Friday 03 May 2002 05:38:
> Hi,
> Well, as a disclaimer - I'm new to linux, so don't kick me if I say
> something stupid, OK? And I've tried to search  in the archives but I seem
> to find nothing relevant to my problem. So, I had a RedHat installation, I
> build LFS by the LFS-3.3 book (with the only exception of ls -s
> /proc/mounts /etc/mtab, but later). Everything's OK but here comes the BUT.
> All of the above was done on Intel PIII machine. Now, I have another 'plain
> Pentium' machine which I intend to use as a firewall. Suppose that machine
> doesn't have any OS. So I'm building boot diskettes to boot it up, get ftp
> up, download gcc and all the packages and build linux by the book again.
> With the boot diskettes I'm proceeding as outlined in Bootdisk-HOWTO. OK,
> now the mentioned BUT. I managed to build kernel for i586. I managed (or it
> seems so) to build glibc, init (sysvinit), login (util-linux, not shadow,
> it's a diskette anyway) for i586. But it seems to me that I'm unable to
> build either bash or ncurses for i586. The symptoms - I'm booting Pentium
> from diskettes, got login prompt, typed 'root' and got a login prompt
> again. The same if at the lilo prompt I'm passing 'linux single'. If at
> lilo prompt I'm passing init=/bin/bash, after root fs is mounted I get
> nothing. I've tried booting PIII machine from the same diskettes and -vuala
> - everything works! So I guessed something was compiled for wrong CPU. I've
> tried passing --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu to configure, I've tried setting
> CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to '-march=i586 -mcpu=i586', I've tried 'export
> MACHTYPE='i586-pc-linux-gnu' and all combinations, still the same. I've
> even put those mcpu options in Makefiles for ncurses (and its form, menu,
> etc) and for bash - still no luck. So - anybody? anybody? Am I missing
> something or it's just not possible to build a linux system from source for
> a machine with another CPU? I mean I'm desperate, I've run out of ideas
> where I might be wrong, so any help is appreciated.

You did ask for anybody :-)
There could be another issue here. Many pentium m/b had fierce chipset 
hassles, and make sure you allow for them. I would try the kernel and all for 
an i386 - You could be failing on something weird. Or you could download 
tomsrtbt which builds to a floppy and takes the pressure off. 
You can even build under it,  as it has a compiler IIRC.
It is only on a 2.0 kernel, so the library problems get maddening (i.e. 
nothing runs)

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