Gcc3* issues

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Wed May 8 02:23:04 PDT 2002

Was it R. Bosch who wrote on Wednesday 08 May 2002 10:58:
> I experianced little problems with the use of gcc3 as base for my system.
> As stated earlier I had problems with NVdrivers.... appearently symbols
> don't ad up, or something ilke that. My gues i,s that it would take around
> six moths to say that a system based on gcc3* is stable :-(
> Back to gcc2.95.3...

This raises something in my mind. I gather the situation is that gcc-2.9x was 
limited in some way which caused code generally to be written allowing for 
these limitations. Now that gcc-3x is out, these limitations no longer exist 
in the compiler, but code breaks because it's written for the wrong compiler. 
Is that the picture?

If so, all of us will have to upgrade to gcc-3.x at some stage. Will this 
affect software we have on board now, or will we have to rebuild with 
gcc-3.x? I was particularly thinking  of kernel headers, or other things that 
may not pass well through this transition of compilers. 

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