Apache, php and undefined symbol

jyork at localhost.localdomain jyork at localhost.localdomain
Mon May 20 15:03:11 PDT 2002

>From what i've heard apache 2.0 does not properly work well with php 4.2.X. 
I know this is one of the reasons Gerard and Jesse haven't upgraded shadowfax 
to apache 2.0. You may want to consider stepping back to 1.3.X

This may or may not be specific to your problem. I'd check google for success 
stories of 2.0 + php.

-Juan York <reb0rn>

In article <slrnaeir37.vp.arbeizaf at jupiter.olimpo>, Fernando Arbeiza wrote:
> 	Hi:
> 	I have compiled apache 2.0.36 using shared modules, and it
> seemed to work well. Then I compiled PHP 4.2.1 as a shared module
> to use it into apache. I inluded this line into the httpd.conf
> file:
> 	LoadModule php4_module		"modules/libphp4.so"
> 	Then, I could not start apache, it failed with this
> message:
> Cannot load /opt/apache/modules/libphp4.so into server:
> /opt/apache/modules/libphp4.so: undefined symbol: php_pcre_replace
> 	I understood that php could not load the pcre.so extension
> that is under the this directory:
> extension_dir =	/opt/apache/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20020429
> 	I also have tried to include the LD_LIBRARY_PATH into the
> bootscript which starts httpd:
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/apache/lib:/opt/apache/lib/php:/opt/apache/lib/php/extensions:/opt/apache/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20020429"
> 	But it didn't work. Does anybody have any idea about what
> should I try next?
> 	Thanks in advance.
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