Need help getting XFree86 running

timothy bauscher timothy at
Tue May 21 18:40:57 PDT 2002

marc brady spake:

> I can not help to much about that I got forced to use the precompiled
> binaries
> the source WOULD NOT COMPL ON MY MACHINE.I spent 4 days trying
> everything in 
> the sun.Never did figure it out and I used the hints and the book for 
> reference.

I didn't even try. I went the binary route.

> I did not use XFree to auto config mine I did it the old way with
> xf86config

I use xf86config as well. XFree86 -configure
sets up very basic settings to build upon, which
is why i recommended it to him.

> But let me ask you a question since no one here wants to run x as
> root.
> How do you guys set up kdm,or gdm

You could put a line to xdm in your inittab.

> or do you guys always stick with startx?

I dislike display managers. I feel like i have
less control over my system.


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