KDE3 Graphical login

marc brady mandrakeexpert at expressindustrial.com.au
Wed May 22 17:23:29 PDT 2002

here are two script I use to start kdm that I wrote and they both work 
perfectly on my machine

they are my xinitrc and my xsession

take a look at them


On Wednesday 22 May 2002 03:12 am, you wrote:
> I would like to be able to start KDE with a graphical login
> from runlevel 5.  My ~/.Xinitrc and ~/.Xsession files each
> contain "exec startkde" (without the quotes).  So, as root,
> I can startx and arrive at a KDE desktop.  But this means I
> have to log into the console beforehand, which is not
> desirable
> My /etc/inittab contains a line which reads
> "x:5:respawn:/opt/kde/bin/kdm -nodaemon"
> If I enter runlevel 5, I can get to a graphical login, but
> the xsesrver crashes as soon as I enter username, password
> and hit the ENTER key.  There is no info in
> /var/log/kdm.log that would indicate why this is happening.
> I would really appreciate some help with this  I haven't
> found anythin gin the hints that would explain why this is
> happening.  thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> RK
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