package managers - what should I use?

Tom Panning tpanning at
Sun May 26 22:30:42 PDT 2002

On Sunday 26 May 2002 03:30 pm, you wrote:
> Alas! Doghater spake thus:
> > I think I will use checkinstall as a package manager... The thing I am
> > worried about is dependency checking - For example, If I decide to
> > delete mozilla, I want something to tell me that Galeon depends on
> > that package, and it would no longer work if I delete it...
> I'm not sure if that's possible when compiling from source. The only
> reason other package management systems have dependancy checking is
> because hundreds of people spend countless hours making packages and
> taking note of the dependancies for you, then recording the dependancies
> in the package, so the system can deal with it accordingly.

I've always wondered if configure scripts could be used to for this. I 
realize that not every package uses configure (including several large 
packages like X). But for the packages that do use configure, all of their 
dependencies seem to be right there.

If there were some way to use this information for a package manager and a 
package manager was successfully designed around this theory, then I think it 
would be worth it to provide configure scripts for the packages that don't 
already use it.

Is there any reason that this can't be done? I'm a decent programmer, 
although I haven't done as much programming with Linux-specific stuff. If 
there was a good possibility that this could be done, I might start taking a 
serious look at it.

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