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Tony Karakashian TonyK at rochestermidland.com
Fri May 31 11:48:41 PDT 2002

>> and management features of what is commonly agreed should be in a minimal

I would disagree that there's any common agreement as to what should be in a
minimal OS.  Even on the LFS list (which would probably be as close as one
could get to a minimal, usable OS) there is no common agreement.  Were you
not around for the "bin user" fiasco a couple weeks back? :)

My definition of an OS is the same one I heard 20+ years ago...it's the
first program loaded that provides a user an interface to their programs.
ANYTHING else is just fluff.  (BTW, that's what my CP/M instructor taught
us.  I didn't start with DOS ;->)  "Windows" 9x was not an OS, the
underlying DOS was.  

>> Unfortunately, GUI (another whole thread) encourages incompetency by the
mere nature of what it attempts to accomplish.

Which is why I haven't met many in IT who started after 1995 who had half a
clue. :)

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