X headers and LFS

James Drabb JDrabb at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Jan 12 12:03:28 PST 2003

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003 14:09:59 -0500
"Cliff McDiarmid" <cliffhanger at gardener.com> wrote:

> Hi  
> I've been using my latest LFS box now for over 6 months and have
> rarely, if ever, had problems with compilations ever stopping  because
> of X headers not being found.   I'm using Xfree86-4.2 compiled from
> source  and have all the correct paths set up.    I have  now come
> across a program that I know compiles on other systems, because the
> mail box has never heard of this problem.   That  program is XINE.   
> Both the xine-libs and xine-ui(latest vers.)fail to find Xvlib. and
> Xlib.h on my system; it's almost as if the packages  won't search any
> further into the dir. tree than /usr/X11R6/include.    It has been
> suggested that my systems to blame, that it is  configured in a
> different way.   I cannot accept this.   I've tried everything from
> CPPFLAGS to inc. paths to the offending Makefile.   Any thoughts on
> whether it could be LFS or any other ideas would be gratefully 
> received.  

Can you send me your config.log file?  Sometimes this happens
because cpp generates a warning about changing the order of
default search paths.  configure perceives this warning as an
error.  One thing I do is to modify the configure script
and replace all occurrences of $ac_cpp with $ac_cpp -w.  The
-w turns off warnings and configure won't be mislead.

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