Does swap space need to be formatted?

Rob Park rbpark at
Tue Jan 14 15:59:47 PST 2003

Alas! Andrew Davis spake thus:
> Thanks for sticking up for me. Actually I was asking cause I happen to 
> be blessed with a workstation with 4gb of RAM

This is the part where I steal your computer... that's only 16 times
more RAM than I have...

> and as such, never have a need for a swap file. I've had to create
> them before in Solaris, but Solaris is a bit different than Linux. All
> my recent reading on the latest linux kernels *highly suggest* having
> a swap file even if I have lots of RAM. So for the first time ever, I
> was thinking of making one manually in Linux and just curious about
> the steps involved... one of those 'I think I have all the steps down,
> but want to check before I make my system unbootable'. :) Good point
> on the Windows to Linux converts though... most people that are
> familiar with Windows will think of the 'swap file' not the 'swap
> space/volume/disk/etc'

Actually, linux does have "swap files", they're just not as common as an
actual swap partition. I hear that swap files used to be wildly
unreliable in the linux world, so it was encouraged to use a swap
partition instead, but recently I've heard some kernel hacker defending
the swap files and saying that there's really nothing wrong with them.
You might like to google for it, but I'm happy with my swap file...

Rob Park
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