Parsing a text file for ip adresses

John Galbrit jgalbrit at
Wed Jan 15 11:21:53 PST 2003

 --- Bryan Breen <Bryan.C.Breen.1 at> wrote:
> >A lot (most?) pop3 clients and servers can use SSL to tranmit
> passwords encrypted.
> Quite right, a lot *can*. However, a good chunk (if not the majority)
> are never configured to do so by their administrator.

Yes, but I guess I should have mentioned that in the context of reading
the hint, someone could end up thinking there is no other option to
avoiding clear text. And since it was shadowfax, I'm sure the
administrator could have done that, time permitting, but I hear he's
kind of busy most of the time with some little project he created. ;)

John Galbrit

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