execvp and nfs mounts

Richard A Downing richard.downing at bcs.org.uk
Thu Jan 16 04:20:10 PST 2003

I'm building some BLFS packages for my 486 firewall (32 bogomips!) on my 686
machine, using the kernel uname hack.  I'm going to make it my printserver

As both m/cs are nfs capable, I thought I would mount the $LFS/usr/src
directory on the 486, run the configure, make, and make install in chroot,
and then run 'make install' on the 486.  This has worked fine for dhclient,
libtiff, libpng and a whole lot more but...

Some packages' installs run executables in the build directory, and I'm
getting fails - I think it's due to NFS not allowing execute permissions.

The execute permissions are reported as set correctly on both the 486 and
the chrooted env.  As nfs supports diskless clients I assume it can be used
to allow execute access.  I have set 'no_root_squash' on the exported

Here's an example from ghostscript 8, make install:

mkdir -p /usr/share
mkdir -p /usr/share/ghostscript
mkdir -p /usr/share/ghostscript/8.00
mkfir -p /usr/bin
./src/instcopy -c -m 755 ./bin/gs /usr/bin/gs
make: execvp: ./src/instcopy: Permission denied
make: *** [install-exec] Error 127

.src/instcopy reports: '755 root:root' in both 486 and in the chroot.

I know I should spend time reading up on NFS, but a quick pointer would be
extra nice, pretty please.

Thanks in advance,

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