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Sun Jan 19 14:50:18 PST 2003

hi there,
fiddeling around with my lfs system i had some idea of a basic packet management. i'd like to hear your oppinion, if this is OT please forgive...

ok, you all know ldd. so why shouldn't we call ldd for just every executabl/library we find on the system and record the output in a database? so we could track depencies: we will always know, which library is needed by which program. there would be also the possibility to define packages: a couple of binaries/libraries belong to a package called somehow. an example: you've installed openssl 0.9.6x and want to upgrade to 0.9.7 (due a security hole in 0.9.6g). with such a tool you could find out, which programs depend on the openssl 0.9.6 libraries.

it would also help you to find unused old libraries: if no program is linked to the library, you can delete it.

erm. ok, it's just some kind of idea. this would be a lot of codework to be done... so what do you think? 

so long...

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