cleaning up inetd after installing xinetd

Andrew Davis andrew at
Mon Jan 20 20:11:14 PST 2003

Andrew Davis wrote:
> Kristian Benoit wrote:
>> Andrew Davis wrote:
>>> I want to install xinetd as I'm more familiar with it and I 
>>> understand it to be more secure than inetd. However, inetd is 
>>> installed by default with the base LFS 4.0 installation. Also, I'm 
>>> not using a package manager of any sort (nor did I plan to), so I'm 
>>> not sure what files inetd uses and where they all may be located 
>>> except for what a "locate inetd" shows me. So before I install 
>>> xinetd, what do I need to do to remove inetd, yet not cripple my 
>>> system... ie, at least leave me ssh access)???
>> I personally never saw ssh started from inetd so if you installed it 
>> in the way blfs does, you dont need inetd to have it working, to 
>> uninstall it you can can try:
>> make uninstall
>>  From the package, if you already erased the folder, you could 
>> reconfigure it as you did (probably as the book said) and then try a 
>> make uninstall. If that does'nt work, you'll have to erase it by 
>> hand... yuk ... you could look at the output of make install, by 
>> doiing: make install > install.log ... you'll be able to see what it 
>> did with every file, or configure and install it in an empty folder 
>> just to see which and where the files are installed.
>> If anyone got a better way to uninstall packages that we compiled 
>> ourselves, I'd like to know.
>> Kritian
> I'm looking through things a bit, and please correct me if I'm wrong. I 
> see that during the LFS install, we install the netkit-base. This should 
>  provide both ping and inetd. However, I've searched my system and I 
> don't see an /etc/inetd.conf. I've also searched through 
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/* and I don't see that inetd is being started by any of 
> the startup scripts. So now I'm reading through the docs on xinetd and 
> they only provide xinetd, not ping. So if I uninstall inetd via "make 
> uninstall", I'm probably gonna lose ping as well. So I guess the 
> question is how do I get ping & xinetd, but remove inetd? One of the 
> reasons I went to LFS was that I wanted to be able to control exactly 
> what was installed on my system. But I want to have xinetd, but not 
> leave the inetd stuff laying around.
> Thoughts?
Quick follow-up... I just checked my /usr/src/netkit-base dir and tried 
"make uninstall"... it says "no rule...". So it appears that "make 
uninstall isn't an option". Obviously, I can do a "locate inetd" and 
just manually delete stuff, but I was just hoping there was a cleaner 
way of doing it.
Andrew Davis

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