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Wed Jan 22 16:11:33 PST 2003

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 23:53:31 +0000 (UTC)
jeroencoumans at (Jeroen Coumans) wrote:

> I'm using it on and off but it takes some time getting used to. It's 
> fast but it's way less capable as a file manager then Konqueror. I 
> really miss a dual-paned view for copying.

Well, as a long time user of RISC OS, from which ROX was modelled,
you're using it wrong ;-)

you're SUPPOSED to use multiple non-full-screen viewers and drag files
between them.

Sadly, one feature RISC OS has which ROX didnt bring with it very well
was this:

On RISC OS, the mouse is assumed to have 3 buttons, left to right,
select, menu, and adjust.

select behaves like the left button always has on most OSes.

menu pops up the conext menu (RISC OS never had, nor needed, menu 'bars'
- all windows that needed menus had context menus). 

adjust is like select, but not quite. for example...

double click a folder with select, and it opens a new view.
double click with adjust instead and it opens a new view (like select)
but ALSO closes the old one.

adjust has similar meanings on other operations, for example, close a
window with 'adjust' and its parent opens.

on top of all this, chift can be used to modify all the other
operations, for example, shift-drag is a 'move' instead of copy. adjust
drag closes the window after a copy, and shift-adjust-drag closes the
window after a /move/.

Its the ability to do so much with so few controls that makes RISC OS
such a dream to use, and why I still use it for 'real' work even though
I use linux for just about everything else.
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