Same problem with Mozilla-1.7.1 and firefox-0.9.3

Andrew Benton andy at
Mon Sep 6 09:52:20 PDT 2004

David Jensen wrote:

> finally used a nightly source tarball which installs as 1.8a3
> the above freetype patch is not complete for this version so i copied
> one file from 1.7.2.  it builds, installs, runs and crashes frequently!
> i'll downgrading 'binutils' first, then freetype
> David Jensen
To compile the current Mozilla source you also need to apply this patch as well 
as the freetype fix patch . If 
you've built Mozilla with the current tree but used some files from an 
old source tarball, it's not surprising it's crashy. New features have 
been added. It's no reason to change your version of binutils or freetype.
Yours, Andrew Benton

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