Same problem with Mozilla-1.7.1 and firefox-0.9.3

David Jensen djensen at
Mon Sep 6 16:09:46 PDT 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Jensen wrote:
>> no, doesn't help.  frequent crashes always at the same site/page.
>> i think i'll stick with my old unstable-20040616 till freetype and 
>> mozilla are better sync'd, though it could be pango, gtk etc.
> Hi David,
> I've stayed out of this discussion, as I really don't have
> anything to offer. I simply don't have any problems with Moz.
> I'm using an LFS-testing-040712 build, FreeType-2.1.9 and
> Moz-1.7.1. Though I use Moz mostly for mail, and browse mostly
> with Konqueror, I've used Moz a lot for browsing also, without
> ever a crash I can think of.
> Do you have a URL that gives you trouble?
> Here's some other specifics on package versions I use.
> Fontconfig-2.2.2
> XFree86-4.4.0
> Glib-2.4.4
> GTK+-2.4.4
> ATK-1.6.1
> Pango-1.4.0
> BTW, If you're using ATK-1.7.x, that is an unstable branch.

i built this to try the new gnome prerelease, thus the unstable atk and 
pango.  i think i'll wait for another pre.

here's a link that crashes with the setup i posted previously,
both mozilla 1.7.2 and 1.8a3

David Jensen

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