openquicktime-1.0 does not compile with book instructions

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at
Tue Sep 7 07:36:57 PDT 2004

Am Dienstag, 7. September 2004 16:29 schrieb Randy McMurchy:
> Dan Osterrath wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, 7. September 2004 08:40 schrieb Dan Osterrath:
> >>Am Mittwoch, 11. August 2004 14:44 schrieb Randy McMurchy:
> >>>Randy McMurchy wrote:
> >>>>This appears to be an issue with GCC-3.4.x and a patch would probably
> >>>>do the trick. It seems SDL had very similar errors before I used the
> >>>>gcc34 patch for it. I'm going on memory at looking at the SDL patch,
> >>>>but it seems Jeremy simply removes the the reference to the %ebx
> >>>>register in the source.
> >>>
> >>>There a patch in
> >>>for openquicktime (a gcc34 patch). This patch is probably what you
> >>>need, Nico.
> >>
> >>I've got a very similiar problem when compiling the Java SDK 1.4.2.
> >>Somewhere while compiling the hotspot the gcc stops with "PIC register
> >>`%ebx' clobbered in `asm'
> >
> > Same behaviour for avifile 0.7.38.
> I would be interested in seeing some log files for the problem
> building Avifile-0.7.38. I just built this package the other
> day without problems.

I'm just trying a CVS version of avifile. All 3 patched are rejected.
Will give you some more info as soon as possible...
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