error in Book? (gnome-print)

Andrew Benton andy at
Wed Sep 8 05:49:14 PDT 2004

Denis wrote:
> I think I found a little error. I had problems running the configure
> script even though I had everything stated as required installed. Then I
> found out, that I was missing some xml library. That was
> strange, since I had libxml2-2.6.9 installed. After some trial&error I
> discovered, that the missing library was libxml-1.8.17. Shouldn't that be
> stated in the book?

What was the error? libgnomeprint-2.6.2 and libgnomeprintui-2.6.2 
install fine for me without libxml-1. I used to install it but a couple 
of months ago I had a clear out. I went through everything and couldn't 
see anything that needed it so I took it out of my build scripts. 
Building without it didn't cause any problems for me so it stayed out.
    Having said that, Gnome print doesn't work perfectly. It always puts 
an extra sheet of paper through the printer after it's finished. And on 
the computer upstairs, which has a different printer, I had to configure 
Abiword to not use Gnome Print at all. The font metrics were all messed 
up. The words overlapped as though spaces had negative widths. Building 
it again without the --enable-gnome switch cured that. I wonder if the 
problems are related?
    Yours Andrew Benton.

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