iso-codes fails to build - object not found in Python module

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Mon Aug 1 05:52:46 PDT 2005

Lennon Cook wrote:
> I am attempting to compile iso-codes 0.44 (the lastest in Debian
> stable), and also 0.47 (latest in Debian Sid). I have downloaded the
> source packages from qa.debian (
> ), aswell as the patch
> provided there - whether or not I apply that patch seems to make no
> difference. In all cases, make tells me:
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>  File "../", line 9, in ?
>>    from xml.sax import saxutils, make_parser, saxlib, saxexts, ContentHandler
>> ImportError: cannot import name saxlib
> Looking in /usr/lib/python-2.4/xml/sax/ tells me that every single one
> of those exists as a .py there, except for saxlib . So, thinking it
> could just be misplaced, I did 'find /usr -name' . It came
> up with no results. It seems obvious that I should have
> there, else nothing should be trying to import it. What isn't obvious
> is /why/ it isn't there. Why wouldn't it install? Is it an older
> module that isn't shipped anymore (if so, why does iso-codes want
> it?)? Do I need another package to have saxlib there (unlikely, since
> the other sax-things are there)?
> Python version is 2.4, compiled per BLFS (using the package user hint). 

Have you installed PyXML?

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