Rodrigo Lopes rodvlopes at
Wed Aug 3 21:06:04 PDT 2005

I have tried many times to install bootsplash on my LFS 6.1 but no sucess 
yet. I have had followed step-by-step the tutorial from the LFS Hints 

The bootsplah software comes with a tool to build a initdrd for it. Does it 
help you ?

Has anyone got sucess on installing bootsplah on your LFS ? Could help me ? 
Where can I find a good tutorial ?

Thank you.

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Subject: mkinitrd

> Hi! I have an LFS 6.0 system, and I was wondering, where could I get a 
> good mkinitrd script and tutorial. I haven't found an official project, 
> and each distro has their own. I tried copying the debian initrd-tools 
> over. I liked how it used cramfs, but the mkinitrd script makes many calls 
> to 'dpkg', which I don't have. I haven't had luck figuring out how 
> fedora/redhat's mkinitrd works or what it needs (/etc/conf.modules, 
> /etc/mkinitrd/modules, /etc/modules.conf, etc.). I eventually want to add 
> a bootsplash (needs an initrd), and make it a custom live rescue cd (and 
> just want to know how it all works ;-) ) Thanks!
> -Steven
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