undefined reference to `rk_globfree'/`rk_glob'

Lord Mandrake mandrake at mandrakescastle.homeftp.net
Thu Aug 4 02:27:22 PDT 2005


I am building a new (B)LFS System and everything worked fine so far.
But when i try to compile any software that has an "#include <glob.h>" in its
sourcecode i get some strange errors (In this example MPlayer v1.0pre7):

> Gui/libgui.a(sb.o)(.text+0xb6): In function `gtkFillSkinList':
> sb.c: undefined reference to `rk_glob'
> Gui/libgui.a(sb.o)(.text+0xf2):sb.c: undefined reference to `rk_globfree'
> Gui/libgui.a(fs.o)(.text+0x15c): In function `CheckDir':
> fs.c: undefined reference to `rk_glob'
> Gui/libgui.a(fs.o)(.text+0x238):fs.c: undefined reference to `rk_globfree'
> Gui/libgui.a(fs.o)(.text+0x325):fs.c: undefined reference to `rk_glob'
> Gui/libgui.a(fs.o)(.text+0x419):fs.c: undefined reference to `rk_globfree'
> Gui/libgui.a(fs.o)(.text+0x532):fs.c: undefined reference to `rk_glob'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [mplayer] Error 1

I have figured out that "rk_glob" and "rk_globfree" have something to do with
Heimdal 0.7 but Heimdal ist not installed.
I am using the GCC 3.4.3 and Gtk+ 2.6.7.
How do i get rid of this errors?

Thanks in advance - Lord Mandrake

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