overhaul of my production system

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at vollmann-online.de
Thu Aug 4 12:06:26 PDT 2005

Hi All.

Since (B)LFS 6.0 I actually use my installation as my production system. 
Before that date (B)LFS was only used for testing and education.

Beeing in the process of updating to LFS 6.1 (and waiting for the soon to be 
released BLFS 6.1) this leaves me with a problem:

How to install BLFS 6.1 to the partition with the shiny new LFS 6.1 and at the 
same time be able to work on with my actual 6.0 installation?

Since the 6.0 installation could be called rather up to date I was wondering 
if it is possible/wise not to reboot to LFS 6.1 but instead chroot LFS-wise 
to the new installation and run the BLFS scripts from inside.



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