GConf and the Package User hint

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 01:53:30 PDT 2005

I've noticed that apps that use GConf have some trouble with the
package user hint - they complain about not being able to install
schemas. A typical complaint (this one is from gedit):

WARNING: failed to install schema 
locale `th': Unable to store a value at key
'/schemas/apps/gedit-2/preferences/editor/font/use_default_font', as
the configuration server has no writable databases. There are some
common causes of this problem: 1) your configuration path file
/etc//gconf/2/path doesn't contain any databases or wasn't found 2)
somehow we mistakenly created two gconfd processes 3) your operating
system is misconfigured so NFS file locking doesn't work in your home
directory or 4) your NFS client machine crashed and didn't properly
notify the server on reboot that file locks should be dropped. If you
have two gconfd processes (or had two at the time the second was
launched), logging out, killing all copies of gconfd, and logging back
in may help. If you have stale locks, remove ~/.gconf*/*lock. Perhaps
the problem is that you attempted to use GConf from two machines at
once, and ORBit still has its default configuration that prevents
remote CORBA connections - put "ORBIIOPIPv4=1" in /etc/orbitrc. As
always, check the user.* syslog for details on problems gconfd
encountered. There can only be one gconfd per home directory, and it
must own a lockfile in ~/.gconfd and also lockfiles in individual
storage locations such as ~/.gconf

While this doesn't 'make install' to fail, and the apps work, it does
seem to be causing some strange behavior at run-time: for example,
Epiphany doesn't honour my proxy settings (which are set in GConf, and
working in Liferea). What would be the best way to solve these
warnings (and hence check my hypothesis)?

Lennon Victor Cook

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