Invalid pointer in XMMS

Giulio Daprelà daprela at
Fri Aug 5 02:16:32 PDT 2005

>  Well, it looks as if gdb thinks it's lost its lunch, but you are on x86
> where gdb should work well.  I take it you haven't got anything else
> informative in the trace.  Any funky CFLAGS in the toolchain or XMMS ?
> Any other weirdness in the use of the system ?  Did you strip the
> symbols from the libraries (which makes debugging from backtraces a lot
> harder) ?

Oops! Yes, I stripped the libraries! Now I understand all those
question marks! I thought that I would never had needed the symbols,
but I was wrong. I think I still have the backup I made before
stripping. If so, this evening I'll restore the backup and retry the
I never set CFLAGS, since reading the book I understand that they
generate more problems than advantages.

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