grub errors and read-only

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Aug 6 07:43:32 PDT 2005

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Donal Farrell wrote:

> ok, now I'm getting the same erro, but with the graphical background,
> which means something is happening. Now the initrd is
> initrd(hd0,1) /boot/suse's-initrd -> where hd0,1 corresponds to /hda2,
> i.e. fedora
> the kernel panic problem is still there. there is no mention of suse
> or indeed lfs in fedora's fstab, I'm thinking that's wrong?? Also, in

 If you only ever mount them as root by specifying fstype, device,
mountpoint  then no problem.

> suse's fstab, it still has a mention of a mount-point /boot which
> NEVER existed only for the brief 20 seconds or so that Sarge was
> trying to set up partitioning.

 Comment out any mountpoints that you don't want to use, and correct any
that are wrong (e.g. you showed swap on hda5 at one time).  That bad
mountpoint might in itself be enough to stop the boot.

> Now I have the initrd working properly, how/where do I edit that
> init=bin/bash ??

 Umm, if it panics, I don't call that working properly.  You've got the
kernel _using_ the initrd, which counts as progress.  Anyway, you can
edit the boot arguments from the grub menu when you are booting - just
add init=/bin/bash to the end of the arguments.

 So, I'm recommending that first you edit the Suse fstab after booting
fedora, then try booting Suse without init=/bin/bash.  If that works,
look around to confirm that it is indeed Suse.  If it panics, reboot with

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