shadow-4.0.9 errors persist

Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM Christian.Harris at
Sat Aug 6 09:26:00 PDT 2005

SSgt Harris, Christian D. wrote:
> I'm am still getting the various 'unknown item' configuration errors
>after re-installing shadow for PAM functionality. But I am still able
> to login/su.
Justin Knierim wrote:
> I re-installed cracklib, pam and shadow (using instead of 
> 4.0.9, and adding "--enable-shadowgrp") as in BLFS and the problems
> gone on my system. I had the same errors before.
I re- compiled and installed all the packages with the replacement
shadow-, and the errors still persist. I want to just quit, and
forget about it, but that would mean defeat. After hours of reading
various message boards and threads, I came across this;
kloczek wrote:
> This varables are now disabled if shadow is 
> configured with PAM support enabled because all code managed by above 
> variables are disabled in this case. Handle faillog it is task for 
> pam_tally. Setting enviroment variables it is pam_env. Display mail 
> notitications it is task for pam_mail .. etc.
> Perhaps those lines should be removed from /etc/login.defs?
> Yes .. in case when PAM support was enabled.
> Should they not already be removed from the default
> configuration files etc/login.defs.linux in the shadow 4.0.8 tarball,
> Better .. this file must be generated depending on disable/enable PAM 
> support on autoconf level.
> In longer time I want move as amny as possible variables from 
> /etc/login.defs to /etc/default/<program> (best will be IMO completly 
> remove handle /etc/login.defs).
> Now some programs uses two configuration files and APIs (like useradd
> for /etc/login.defs and second for handle /etc/default/useradd). I
> repalce this by one (common for handle /etc/default/<program>).
This would be a good indication of why I can still login/su into my
If I remove these variables from my login.defs how can I tell that all
settings are indeed being handled by PAM correctly?
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