shadow-4.0.9 errors persist

Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM Christian.Harris at
Sat Aug 6 11:28:15 PDT 2005

Well, imagine that. There really wasn't a problem to begin with I 

guess. I followed the rest of the instructions on the page and now

I can log in with no errors. The warning in the middle of the page

suggested that I should stop there at not proceed if there were

any errors or else I would cripple my system, and I definitely



configuration error - unknown item 'FAILLOG_ENAB'

configuration error - unknown item 'LASTLOG_ENAB'


and so on as errors.


Is there a specific reason why the editing of the logins.def file

was placed at the bottom of the page instead of before the

warning? Had it been before the warning, I would not have wasted

2 days on the issue. If there is not reason I will suggest it

to the (B)LFS staff.


Also, as I am still a little paranoid, is there a way to ensure that

the PAM/shadow integration was 100% successful other then 

being able to log in with no errors? I would like to be sure that by 

commenting out the variables, I did not open some security hole, 

or cripple my system in a way that not apparent right away. 

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