grub errors and read-only

Donal Farrell vmlinuz101 at
Sun Aug 7 10:40:04 PDT 2005

Thanks lads, I got suse back working and amended fedoras menu.lst for
LFS and SuSE. SuSE uses an nvidia driver i loaded but as it comes up,
it cannot start X as the error reports that the nvidia module cannot
find the kernel. How can I remove the nvidia module altogether as I
don't really need it, and it's out of date. Taking it that suse's
initrd now resides in FC4's /boot, and the kernel images are also
there, am I right in saying the following:

suse gets its initrd from FC4's /boot on /dev/hda2, but the kernel
itself would still be on /dev/hda1 in THAT /boot, or is this plain
dumb? I am sure that the kernel I'm using is the original suse kernel
with the nvidia module compiled as I have not recompiled that kernel.



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