Same Package, Different Package???

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Mon Aug 8 09:35:10 PDT 2005

I'm really about to show my noob factor now! Going through the (B)LFS

 have run across several packages the seem to do the same thing with 

different names (ie. Libungif-4.1.3, Giflib-4.1.3). Or the same name

different versions (ie. GLib-1.2.10, GLib-2.6.4 or GCC-3.4.3,

Then there are programs that don't really have a clear cut difference

are maintained separately (ie. Libxml-1.8.17, Libxml2-2.6.20 or FreeType

and FreeType2). 


I'm asking because I am trying to satisfy the dependencies of several 

packages that I want on my system. More then often I have already 

installed one version and find out later I need (according to the book)

different version for another package.


Case and point: Imlib-1.9.15 needs GTK+-1.2.10 and Librsvg-2.9.5 

needs GTK+-2.6.7.


And outside the book, I trying to run Enlightenment as my window 

manager. It required Freetype, but I have already installed Freetype2 

installed from the book. So onto my question(s).


Can I install libxml and libxml2 side by side?


Can I install FreeType and FreeType2 side by side?


Am I correct in assuming that I should just install the higher versions 

of Glib and GCC?


And lastly am I correct in assuming the only difference between Libungif

and Giflib is the licensing models and the production of uncompressed 

gifs vs. compressed gifs? If so, the I don't really care about that, and

just went with Giflib due to the fact that this is my personal system.

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