Same Package, Different Package???

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Mon Aug 8 09:55:29 PDT 2005

Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM wrote these words on 08/08/05 11:35 CST:

> I'm really about to show my noob factor now! Going through the (B)LFS
>  have run across several packages the seem to do the same thing with 
> different names (ie. Libungif-4.1.3, Giflib-4.1.3).

These packages provide the same functionality. There is a history
behind why there is two packages, however, bottom line is you can
install either.

> Or the same name with 
> different versions (ie. GLib-1.2.10, GLib-2.6.4 or GCC-3.4.3,
> GCC-3.3.4).

Yes. Noob factor!

Just kidding. There are two Glib as the version 2 package is not
API/ABI compatible with the previous version, however, there are
still lots of packages that rely on Glib-1 functionality.

GCC is similar but we have one version in BLFS which is the same
version as what is in LFS. There is a previous version which users
can build which will provide a libstdc++ library that is used by
some other packages.

> Then there are programs that don't really have a clear cut difference but 
> are maintained separately (ie. Libxml-1.8.17, Libxml2-2.6.20 or FreeType
> and FreeType2).

For libxml, see the explanation about Glib. I'm not sure FreeType
is applicable because I believe BLFS only has version 2.

> I'm asking because I am trying to satisfy the dependencies of several 
> packages that I want on my system. More then often I have already 
> installed one version and find out later I need (according to the book)
> a different version for another package.

Yes, quite frequently the case. Install GnuCash. This one will
really blow your mind.

> Case and point: Imlib-1.9.15 needs GTK+-1.2.10 and Librsvg-2.9.5 
> needs GTK+-2.6.7.


> Can I install libxml and libxml2 side by side?

Yes. No conflicts.

> Can I install FreeType and FreeType2 side by side?

I'm not sure about this one. I've never had a need for anything
but FreeType2.

> Am I correct in assuming that I should just install the higher versions 
> of Glib and GCC?

Forget about GCC unless you have a need for one of the additional
compilers (Ada, Fortran, Java, etc.). If you do want to install the
additional compilers, you should use the same version of GCC you
already have on your system (not required, but recommended). You
already installed GCC C and C++ compilers in LFS.

For Glib/GTK+, you may need all 4 versions and all 4 packages
peacefully co-exist.

> And lastly am I correct in assuming the only difference between Libungif
> and Giflib is the licensing models and the production of uncompressed 
> gifs vs. compressed gifs? If so, the I don't really care about that, and
> I just went with Giflib due to the fact that this is my personal system.

Essentially, yes. The only difference I've noted is that the name
of the libraries are different. However, most packages look for
both (same may only look for libungif, but I digress)

Hope this helps.


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