Same Package, Different Package???

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Aug 8 10:00:57 PDT 2005

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM wrote:

> I'm really about to show my noob factor now! Going through the (B)LFS
>  have run across several packages the seem to do the same thing with
> different names (ie. Libungif-4.1.3, Giflib-4.1.3). Or the same name
> with
> different versions (ie. GLib-1.2.10, GLib-2.6.4 or GCC-3.4.3,
> GCC-3.3.4).
> Then there are programs that don't really have a clear cut difference
> but
> are maintained separately (ie. Libxml-1.8.17, Libxml2-2.6.20 or FreeType
> and FreeType2).

 Rule of thumb - if they are both in the same BLFS book, you can follwo
the book's instructions, usually they just install side by side because
they are different packages

> Case and point: Imlib-1.9.15 needs GTK+-1.2.10 and Librsvg-2.9.5
> needs GTK+-2.6.7.

 1.2 gives /usr/lib/libg{d,t}k-1.2 and 2.6.7 gave
/usr/lib/libg{d,t}k-x11-2* for the main libraries.  Imlib-1 is pretty
obsolete and only used occasionally (I'm an icewm user, even that can be
told to do without imlib).

> And outside the book, I trying to run Enlightenment as my window
> manager. It required Freetype, but I have already installed Freetype2
> installed from the book. So onto my question(s).

> Can I install libxml and libxml2 side by side?

 Yes, but again libxml is pretty obsolete - gnome1 might use it, but I
think the only current gnome-1 application is gnucash.

> Can I install FreeType and FreeType2 side by side?

 I'll pass on that one.

> Am I correct in assuming that I should just install the higher versions
> of Glib and GCC?

 Not exactly.  The glib-1/gtk-1/gdk-pixbuf and glib-2/atk/pango/gtk-2
combinations are very different.  I have a couple of things using gtk-1
(e.g. xmms).

 For gcc, things get even murkier.  gcc-3.4.3 is sufficiently stable and
common now, that most people won't need an older version.  However, the
libstdc++ side of it has changed across the versions - some stuff,
particularly binaries, needs the old libstdc++ from 3.3 and BLFS tells
you how to run with both.  Some people will want to see how gcc-4
handles their favourite packages - as long as you don't try to put
multiple versions of gcc in the same directory, you should be fine (e.g.
normal version in /usr and other version in /usr/local or /opt or
/home/me then set PATH according to which one you want to use).

> And lastly am I correct in assuming the only difference between Libungif
> and Giflib is the licensing models and the production of uncompressed
> gifs vs. compressed gifs? If so, the I don't really care about that, and
> I
> just went with Giflib due to the fact that this is my personal system.

 Pass.  In general, BLFS sometimes provides alternatives and you get to
pick the one you prefer.

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