Can't mount with automount

Dienadel no at
Wed Aug 10 10:09:57 PDT 2005


Until kernel 2.6.11, i used supermount, and it worked quite good. Today, i've 
upgraded to version, but supermount is no available so far. So, i'm 
trying to use automount, but i don't know why, it doesn't mount anything.

Here is the information, i think it can help you:

- LFS 6.0, but with udev-0.63 and kernel

- autofs version 4.1.4, with patches of BLFS SVN

- in kernel is activated ONLY "automount v4" option, because i only want to 
mount CD and floppy, no "net directories"

- Loopback is activated in kernel. (See the errors bellow)

- The /etc/auto.master:
/media  /etc/auto.misc

- The /etc/auto.misc:
floppy -fstype:auto,sync :/dev/fd0
cdrom -fstype:auto  :/dev/hdb
cdrw -fstype:auto  :/dev/hdc

- the "/etc/rc*/init*/autofs status" output:
Configured Mount Points:
/media file /etc/auto.misc
  floppy -fstype:auto,sync :/dev/fd0
  cdrom -fstype:auto :/dev/hdb
  cdrw -fstype:auto :/dev/hdc

Active Automount Daemons:
  /sbin/automount -p /var/run/ --timeout 60 /media 
file /etc/auto.misc

Actively Automounted Directories:

- The "df" output:
/dev/hda7              8254240   2578976   5255972  33% /
/dev/hda1                97826      9596     83011  11% /boot
/dev/hda5             10317828   5851876   3941836  60% /home
/dev/hda4              1004416     17395    987021   2% /mnt/windocs
shm                     127984         0    127984   0% /dev/shm

- In the fstab there is NO reference to CD, CDRW and FLOPPY

Finally, the errors i've found:

1- In the init process:
EXT3 FS on hda5, internal journal
EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.   [OK]
/etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S45autofs: line 110: boot_mesg: command not found
Bringing up the loopback interface...
RTNETLINK answers: File exists        [FAILED]

2- In "/var/log/daemon.log:
Aug 10 16:52:41 IUS2001 automount[3217]: >> mount: Not a directory
Aug 10 16:52:41 IUS2001 automount[3217]: failed to mount /media/cdrw

Any idea about what am i missing?



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