Famd always hangs

Sparhawk sparhawk at idirect.ca
Fri Aug 12 20:02:39 PDT 2005

Try rebuilding fam without applying the dnotify patch.  You will probably
find fam is slower to see fs changes however it won't peg your cpu anymore.

After reading several forum entries for fam there is meantion that this
patch has a bug that can cause it to do this.  It seems to surface more
frequently when there are a large number of files/dirs that it is

Good Luck, your milage may vary. 


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Sagara Wijetunga wrote these words on 08/12/05 10:13 CST:

> Just two days ago, I transferred lot of files
> individually by drag-and-drop using two Konqueror
> windows on KDE. Then I noticed for the first time the
> famd is taking over 99% of the CPU. I had to kill the
> famd to stop it. 
> The /usr/sbin/famd is invoked by a bootscript with -T
> 0. But I noted the famd runs as my username, not as
> root. But when I stop famd and restart, it runs as
> root. The permissions of /usr/sbin/famd is -rwxr-xr-x.

You may want to try and run the FAM daemon from inetd or xinetd
and see if the issue goes away.


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