No sound

Eric Qi eq0625 at
Sun Aug 14 18:44:54 PDT 2005

randhir phagura wrote:

> Hi,
> I have installed xmms-1.2.10 on my Pentium-3 machine; compaq presario
> laptop, with all its dependencies except 'libmikmod'.

There is a boot script named alsa in /etc/rc.d/init.d, plase make sure
it runs at boot time and no error message .
then run 'alsamixer' , make sure all needed channels are turned on, such
as master/master mono/pcm ....,
they are off by default(ugly things), please run 'man alsamixer' if you
are not familiar with alsamixer.

if you still can not hear anything from xmms, press 'Ctrl+P' to change
configuration of xmms.
try to set the 'Output Plugin' to 'ALSA...' or 'OSS..'.

that's all what i have tried to solve sound problems, good luck.

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