Firefox error to install

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Sun Aug 14 23:31:25 PDT 2005

> root@[lfs]:/usr/bin# firefox
> *** nsExtensionManager::_disableObsoleteExtensions - failure, catching 
> exception so finalize window can close
> /usr/lib/firefox-1.0.6/ line 159: 25954 Segment Fault    
> "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
> I downloaded the version 1.06 (I changed the commands from 1.0 to 1.06)

I see a couple issues here.  First, in the book, the configure statement
is obviously wrong since the directory for firefox-1.0.6 is 

You seem to have addressed that, but it looks that you made a typo.  You 
have 1.06 and it's 1.0.6.  You basically configured firefox with a 
default home that doesn't exist (/usr/lib/firefox-1.06).

I guess it's possible that there's a bigger fault at play, but I'm 
pretty sure firefox will with the instructions as they are.  I also 
looked at the default settings and everything looks OK for the 
extensions and other configure options:

[11:21pm dbnichol at eleanor] less mozilla/browser/config/mozconfig

# This file specifies the build flags for Firefox.  You can use it by 
#  . $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig
# to the top of your mozconfig file.

export MOZ_PHOENIX=1
mk_add_options MOZ_PHOENIX=1

ac_add_options --disable-ldap
ac_add_options --disable-mailnews
ac_add_options --enable-crypto
ac_add_options --disable-composer
ac_add_options --enable-single-profile
ac_add_options --disable-profilesharing

The ac_add_options are what is passed to configure.  This is probably 
not important, but the configure option
is wrong for firefox-1.0x.  It only applies to the trunk builds at the 
moment or anything else you get out of cvs.

Likewise, I don't know if any of the following (not default) options 
could cause problems:
but I imagine that since they haven't caused problems so far (and it 
built) that they're not the problem.

I suspect you just need to change the line to
,rebuild and everything will work.


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