No mailto in Firefox-1.0.6--No links in Thunderbird

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Aug 15 11:05:18 PDT 2005

Dan McGhee wrote:
> Currently I can neither use the mailto function in Firefox-1.0.6 nor can 
> I get Thunderbird-1.0.6 to open URL's in Firefox.  As I recall I have 
> not been able to do this since I built LFS and BLFS.  I'm using LFS 6.0 
> and BLFS 6.0.  However, I installed firefox and thunderbird using the 
> development version of the book a couple of weeks ago.

This are tricky to set up, but one simple thing you can do is set up 
wrapper scripts.  At work we use Solaris, and damned if it doesn't make 
you bludgeon it to do anything you want.  Anyway, I created 2 scripts 
that firefox and thunderbird call when they want to open the URL or 
write the mailto:, respectively.

First, here's the wrapper that thunderbird calls to open a URL in a new 
tab in firefox.

[10:56 AM dbnichol at eleanor] cat firefox-wrapper
firefox -remote "openURL("$@",new-tab)" ||
firefox "$@"

The first line tells firefox to open a new tab with the URL.  openURL is 
mozilla code to construct the actual http:// call or whatever.  -remote 
will try to attach itself to an already running process.  new-tab could 
also be new-window if you prefer.  If there's not a firefox running 
already, it falls back to starting a new one with the specified URL.

Now, here's the wrapper that firefox calls to fire up a new mail message 
in thunderbird.

[10:58 AM dbnichol at eleanor] cat thunderbird-wrapper
MAILTO=`echo $@ | sed -e 's|mailto:||g'`
thunderbird -remote "mailto(${MAILTO})" ||
thunderbird -ProfileManager -compose "$@"

Similar to above, but I couldn't get it to work in an already running 
process unless I stripped off the mailto: from the email address.  The 
fallback uses -ProfileManager because I have multiple thunderbird 
profiles at work.  That's definitely optional.  It would choose your 
default profile without it.

Hope that helps a little, although I understand if you just want to get 
it to integrate into the desktop.


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